If you're like I am, you love a lot of music that's not yet available thru the digital download services (and much of it probably never will be thanks to short-sighted or now-defunct record companies). And, despite Apple's kindness in beginning to make album art available even for cuts not purchased thru them, this doesn't mean that they have everything to offer.

That leaves me with an iPod crying for cover art.

I have searched high and low for many of these covers...but was unable to find them online anywhere in any workable size. In other cases. there were little problems with the scans on iTunes, Amazon, Walmart or other was poorly cropped, etc. So, pulling on a variety of sources, I am making these covers available so that those of you who also love this music may save yourselves some headaches. Some are less than perfect, but I did what I could with the raw materials I had available (raw files on the web, a digital camera, a scanner and Photoshop). Taking these and the innovations of mobile phone applications into consideration, you can probably do the same via your latest mobile phone handsets.

These are all 300x300 pixels, which seems to be the right size for common usage. It certainly looks great on the new Cover Browser section in iTunes.

In most cases, you can just drag these covers right into the section of iTunes labeled "Now Playing", and drop them where it says (appropriately enough) "Drag Album Artwork Here".


P.S. - Thanks to a kindred spirit, Rick Schneblin of Redlands, CA for some of the covers you see below!

aliies man with a mission
Allies: "Man with a Mission"
noelle shearer tailored
Noelle Shearer: Tailored
amy grant home for christmas
Amy Grant: "Home for Christmas"
paul clark good to be home
Paul Clark & Friends: Good to Be Home
annie herring through a child's eyes
Annie Herring: Through a Child's Eyes
paul mccartney mccartney
Paul McCartney: McCartney
best of the guess who
The Guess Who: The Best of the Guess Who
paul winter earthdance
Paul Winter: Earthdance
big methusaleh human sacrifice
Big Methusaleh: Human Sacrifice
phil keaggy the wind and the wheat
Phil Keaggy: The Wind and the Wheat

bob bennett lord of the past
Bob Bennett: Lord of the Past

resurrection band rainbow's end
Resurrection Band: Rainbow's End
dave fullen i'll keep an eye on you
Dave Fullen: I'll Keep an Eye on You
ricardo silveira long distance
Ricardo Silveira: Long Distance
eric marienthal round trip
Eric Marienthal: Round Trip
richie furay band i've got a reason
The Richie Furay Band: I've Got a Reason
glad beyond a star
Glad: Beyond a Star
sally van meter we're not over yet
Sally Van Meter: All in Good Time
glad captured in time
Glad: Captured in Time
sanctuary shelter tom howard hidden passage
Sanctuary: Shelter
glad album cover
Glad: Glad
the second chapter of acts with footnotes
The 2nd Chapter of Acts: With Footnotes
good night sleep tight
Good Night, Sleep Tight: Seasons of the Heart
talbot brothers collection
The Talbot Brothers: Collection
heart dreamboat annie
Heart: Dreamboat Annie
teri desario voices in the wind
Teri DeSario: Voices in the Wind
james ward mourning to dancing
James Ward: Mourning to Dancing
terry talbot cradle of love
Terry Talbot: Cradle of Love
jan akkerman the noise of art
Jan Akkerman: The Noise of Art
the guess who flavours
The Guess Who: Flavours
kenny rankin the kenny rankin album
Kenny Rankin: The Kenny Rankin Album
the guess who road food
The Guess Who: Road Food

kristle murden i can't let go
Kristle Murden: I Can't Let Go

the sting soundtrack
The Sting: Soundtrack
larry norman only visiting this planet
Larry Norman: Only Visiting This Planet
tom howard beyond the barriers
Tom Howard: Beyond the Barriers
leon & mary russell the wedding album
Leon & Mary Russell: Wedding Album
the tom howard ensemble the hidden passage
Tom Howard Ensemble: The Hidden Passage
mandy moore the best of mandy moore
Mandy Moore: The Best of
vigilantes of love slow dark train
Vigilantes of Love: Slow Dark Train
michele wagner higher than mine
Michele Wagner: Higher Than Mine
peter skellern world of peter skellern
Peter Skellern: The World of Peter Skellern
mylon lefeve & broken heart brand new start
Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart: Brand New Start
carly simon anthology album cover
Carly Simon: Anthology

blood sweat tears new city
Blood, Swear & Tears: New City

kelly willard blame it on the one i love
Kelly Willard: Blame It On The One I Love
ken medema looking back the best of ken medema
Ken Medema: Lookin' Back (Ken Medema's Finest)
terry talbot no longer alone
Terry Talbot: No Longer Alone
terry talbot on wings of the wind
Terry Talbot: On Wings of the Wind
the best of twila paris
Twila Paris: The Best of Twila Paris
second 2nd chapter of acts how the west was one
2nd Chapter of Acts and Phil Keaggy: How The West Was One
mylon lefevre broken heart greatest hits
Mylon & Broken Heart: Greatest Hits
phil keaggy love broke thru through
Phil Keaggy: Love Broke Thru
phil keaggy ph'lip side flip philip
Phil Keaggy: Ph'lip Side
honeytree evergreen
(Nancy) Honeytree: Evergreen
honeytree the melodies in me
(Nancy) Honeytree: The Melodies in Me
fred haring ghosttowns and kingdoms
Fred Haring: Ghosttowns and Kingdoms
2nd chapter of acts in the volume of the book
2nd Chapter of Acts: In the Volume of the Book
love song love song album cover
Love Song: Love Song
keith green for him who has ears to hear album cover
Keith Green: For Him Who Has Ears to Hear
jamie owens growing pains album cover
Jamie Owens: Growing Pains
jamies owens laughter in your soul album cover
Jamie Owens: Laughter in Your Soul
2nd chapter of acts mansion builder album cover
2nd Chapter of Acts: Mansion Builder
allies allies album cover
Allies: Allies
allies long way from paradise
Allies: Long Way from Paradise
allies shoulder to shoulder album cover
Allies: Shoulder to Shoulder
allies virtue album cover
Allies: Virtue
andrae crouch and the disciples best of album cover
Andrae Crouch & The Disciples: Best of
darrell mansfield collection album cover
Darrell Mansfield: Collection
gentle faith album cover
Gentle Faith: Gentle Faith
karen lafferty life pages love of the ages album cover
Karen Lafferty: Life Pages, Love of the Ages
keith green no compromise album cover
Keith Green: No Compromise
kelly willard willing heart album cover
Kelly Willard: Willing Heart
love song final touch album cover
Love Song: Final Touch
mustard seed faith sail on sailor album cover
Mustard Seed Faith: Sail On Sailor
oden fong come for the children album cover
Oden: Come for the Children
undercover boys and girls renounce the world album cover
Undercover: Boys & Girls Renounce the World
undercover god rules album cover
Undercover: God Rules
yankee celtic consort wander the wood original album cover
Yankee Celtic Consort: Wander the Wood (original)
the way the way album cover
The Way: The Way
bob bennett matters of the heart album cover
Bob Bennett: Matters of the Heart
daniel amos horrendous disc album cover
Daniel Amos: Horrendous Disc
darrell mansfield get ready album cover
Darrell Mansfield: Get Ready
douglas trowbridge second story album cover
Douglas Trowbridge: Second Story
douglas trowbridge songs unspoken
Douglas Trowbridge: Songs Unspoken
glass harp glass harp album cover
Glass Harp: Glass Harp
larry norman in another land album cover
Larry Norman: In Another Land
michael w smith the big picture album cover
Michael W. Smith: The Big Picture
phil keaggy what a day album cover
Phil Keaggy: What a Day
richard souther cross currents album cover
Richard Souther: Cross Currents