(10/16/05) How time flies when you're having fun! I've decided for the time being to retire my old blog. I have started a new one fo ssharing the things I find online that interest me. You can find it here: My Brain Dump

(1/4/05) Happy New Year! Here's a quick catchup of the last 3 months. After a 3-year illness, I lost my father, Robert C. "Bob" Brown of Central Ohio, just after Thanksgiving. One never knows what to say about such a significant event, but I'll just say that I am forever indebted to my dad for being a great provider and a role model, and for allowing me the freedom to learn and grow in my youth in ways that still impact me today at my "advanced age". LOL...he will be missed. In other news, I was approached this morning by my record label in Taiwan for permission to use "Waltz Flowers", from my Breathe album, for a charity compilation disc...the proceeds of which will go to benefit the victims of the tsunami disaster in Indonesia. I was obviously honored to be included.

(10/6/04) Album update: My new piano album, "Incandescence", is finally available. It will be on soon, but is currently available on as well as for direct purchase here. Also, I've posted 3 cuts for free download on my site.

(9/6/04) Just a quick update. First of all, I'm VERY pleased to finally announce that my new piano album is completed and just days away from manufacturing, which means it should be available for sale beginning sometime in October. It's called "Incandescence", and if you'd like a quick peek at the cover art, here 'tis. (Pretty spiffy, eh?) Check out the site of the artist who did that beautiful cover, April Smith. I got an email from Taiwan this morning indicating that the album is going to be released there as well. One other thing: Yesterday's Columbus Dispatch had a column by Joe Blundo on political voiceovers. Joe interviewed me about 3 weeks ago, and you'll find some quotes from me in the article, which I've scanned for you who aren't local to the Central Ohio area.

(7/22/04) A couple really cool things have gotten wrapped up recently in which I played some sort of role. You might want to take a look. One is the final version of Luminescence, a terrific story written by Will Addison. The audiobook (which I narrated) is now finished and available for sale. Also, I received a DVD in the mail the other day from Dave Parkhurst of Alaska Naturally. He's a photographer based in Alaska who makes his living photographing the Northern Lights. Really, really beautiful stuff. Anyway, he puts together a show each year featuring the best of his work, including his latest stuff and the best of the old. This year, he chose my song, Remind Me to Breathe (along with some music by my friends John Morgan and David Nevue) to serve as the soundtrack for his incredible visuals. My wife and I sat and watched it the other night...and, had you been a fly on the would have just heard a lot of "!" for 40 minutes. Check out some of his amazing work, including the new DVD, on his site. Also, the delightful novel Runt the Brave has been released in hardback. That's a story that I will be narrating as an audiobook later this year (the first 3 chapters are available for listening now on the site). In other news, Tom Boyer of OATH Studios here in Central Ohio is finishing up the final mixing and mastering on my new piano album, which should be on sale a bit later this year.

(5/15/04) Hmmm...I seem to be getting WORSE about these updates instead of better. I must be even busier than I thought! Well, the new piano album is not done yet, but it IS getting close (honest injun!). I'll actually be working on it more this weekend. I'm also nearing completion on an audiobook I'm reading called "Luminescence", by Will Addison. It's a love story set in Georgia. Really good stuff! I'll provide a link once it's up so you can check it out. I recently did a voiceover for a trailier for an indie movie called "My Giant Robot". It's cute. You may want to watch it. I'll be working on another audio book project again a bit later this year called "Runt the Brave", written by Daniel Schwabauer. The site for it is down for maintenance at the moment, but is supposed to be back June 1. It's an excellent story targeted toward the same age demographic as Harry Potter. When the site is back up, you'll probably be able to listen to a sample of the first part of the book, which I've already completed.

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