If you've read many of my musings, you know that I am a big believer in Uniqueness and Value on the web. The idiots who created email spam, and those who picked up the concept and created web spam (for example, MFA (Made-For-AdSense) sites), and those who then have extended the concept to BLOG spam...well, I don't know if they're bad people, per se. But, whatever they are...they're basically ruining a great opportunity for all of us.
I won't get into a long explanation of blog spam. But the general concept is making either automated comments about gambling and male enhancement products, or... in my mind, just about as lame...: "Great post, Bob!"...just for the excuse of getting their site's URL listed in that blog's comment section.
Well, I love WordPress. That's my blog platform of choice. But in an attempt to combat blog spam, they "switched off" the power of links in blog comments, using the rel="nofollow" attribute. There can be reasons to do this. Wikipedia has done it. Many other sites have. But I don't believe that attribute belongs in blogs...especially not those with manually-approved comments (which is the only way I operate).
Bloggers who want folks to both take time to read AND comment should at least consider switching the "link love" back on using the DoFollow plug-in for Wordpress. Why shouldn't we allow folks who are contributing to the discussion to share the location of their base of operations? Frankly, I have no problem with a link posted as part of a blog comment (not in the URL field provided for the name) an email signature. Not everyone is comfortable with that. But as long as the commenter is saying something... providing value, it's fine by me. It would certainly cut down on people commenting on blogs while identifying themselves as "Make Money Online" and "Cheap Viagra Source". ;-)
I know that whenever I read a comment that's well thought-out, I want to know more about the person who wrote it. I go to their site and see what they are all about. And if they are adding content to YOUR blog with some additional substantive content, consider showing them some respect by going DoFollow!
I don't particularly like the implications of "I Follow" (as some term it) as a philosophy...which is often attached to this concept. So I don't use that phrase. But I think the NoFollow concept is wrong, and DoFollow seems like a good opposite statement. "I Follow" goes a bit too far from me. I will not necessarily follow, and if I don't feel I can contribute to the blog at the other end, I'm not going to comment in return (which seems to be implied by "I Follow"). So, on principle, I'll just stick with "DoFollow" and "No No-Follow".
There are a number of groups who have launched efforts along these lines. There is a Bumpzee community (to which I belong) called the No Nofollow | I Follow | DoFollow Community. Randa Clay has also developed a series of logos and has some helpful comments on how to defeat NoFollow on other blog platforms. And (which appears to be in German). If you know of other groups, let me know and I'll link to them as well. Also, Andy Beard has a good article on the best DoFollow plugins available.
In support of this concept, I have created and am making available a brand new "no to NoFollow" logo to all communities and individual bloggers who turn their links back ON. I'm not starting a group. I can't police who uses it. But you can easily check their compliance for yourself using Firefox's SearchStatus extension...which makes nofollow links visibly appear in colored boxes. If you see that, no matter what they're saying, they haven't turned rel=NoFollow off.
If you choose to use this logo on your blog, please provide a link back to this page in case others would like to find the logo and use it on their site, or to see more about the topic. Feel free to use one of the larger formats in a blog post about the subject to share your own personal feelings. My hope is that the display of this logo will stimulate additional substantive discussion on those blogs...leading to a broadening of the movement. PLEASE do not spam sites that display this logo. We have to show some respect for each other, or we'll end up destroying every great opportunity we create!
Here is the logo...each presented in 6 sizes (550px, 300px, 250px, 200px, 120px and 90px horizontal sizes)...with transparent, white and neutral backgrounds. Hopefully, one of these will fit the format of your site. If I hear from a bunch of people that one more background color would help a lot, I'm up for it. You can reach me via my Contact page. Please don't steal my bandwidth by linking directly to these images. Place one on your hosting account and link to it there instead. Thanks for your support!


no nofollow 500px transparent
no nofollow 300px transparent no nofollow 250px transparent
no  nofollow 90px transparent no nofollow 120px transparent no nofollow 200px transparent


no nofollow 500px white
no nofollow 300px white no nofollow 250px white
no  nofollow 90px white no nofollow 120px white no nofollow 200px white


no nofollow 500px neutral
no nofollow 300px neutral no nofollow 250px neutral
no  nofollow 90px neutral no nofollow 120px neutral no nofollow 200px neutral