I have a rather notorious craving for cool desktop pictures that I can use as "wallpaper" as I work or play. Despite my partial red-green color blindness, which limits my ability to see certain shades and details, I love interesting visual textures...and I get a hoot out of folks who stop in and see my latest desktop wallpaper: "Ooh, where did you get THAT?"

So I thought it would be good to create a page listing all the really great wallpaper pages or sites that I come across. It's not intended to be an exhaustive list...just sites that impressed me on some level. And if you know of a site you think I might like, feel free to drop me a note. I'll take a look, and I might end up including it here. Thanks for your interest!

13 Fantastic Wallpaper Images
555 Design Wallpaper
Art. Lebedev Studio Posters - Creative wallpapers...stylish and artsy. 640x480 to 1600x1200.
Blatte's Backgrounds - Fractal images. Not really my style, but fairly well-done.
Blurburger Desktops - Funny, quirky, interesting cartoon-based desktops.
Caedes Desktop Wallpaper - Interesting, well-done wallpapers. Both photographs and illustrations. Lots of categories.
Cool Anime Wallpaper
Crestock 13
Crestock 17
Desktopography - A blend of illustration and photography.
Desktop Wallpaper
deviantART Wallpapers - Many creative artists contribute here. Lots of options.
Diesel Station - Exotic car wallpapers.
Digital Blasphemy - Very cool stuff. You won't regret the time investment.
Dual Screen Wallpaper - Using multiple monitors? Check it out!
Earth Wallpapers - Very cool pics shot from high, high above. Many sizes.
Endeffect - Cool and artistic.
Eternal Snow - Snowboarding-related wallpapers.
e-wallpapers - Billing itself as "the best wallpapers on the net. Daily."
Firefox Wallpapers
Flickr: The Wallpapers - More from the Flickr storehouse.
Fractal World Gallery - Not necessarily formatted as wallpapers, but those that are not could generally be easily adapted. Some really beautiful art here.
Free Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper
Graffiti Free Desktop WallpaperGuiKit Wallpapers
Greg Martin Illustrations & Photographs - Absolutely beautiful stuff. Plus more from the same guy, with a space theme.
HubbleSite - Shots from the Hubble Telescope.
Infrared Photo Gallery - Sweet infrared photography by Jeffrey Klassen. Also some great water shots by the same guy.
InterfaceLIFT - Very nicely-done stuff.
Klowner's Wallpaper
Mac Desktop Pictures - from The Apple Collection.
MediaInspiration Wallpaper
Meomi Design - Cute!
Michael Swanson's Macro Photography Wallpaper Images
Movie Wallpapers
Moving Insect
N. Design Studio Wallpapers - Very sleek stuff. All illustrations. Nice, wide formats.

National Geographic Photo of the Day Wallpapers

Nice Wallpapers
Outer Space Wallpaper - Good stuff for sci-fi junkies.
Pixelgirl Desktops
Quality Wallpapers
Sensitive Light
Skeedz Wallpaper
Socksoff Wallpaper
Space Wallpapers - More cool stuff on Flickr. Wallpapers - Tons of great space-related stuff.
Steve Truett's Widescreen Destop Wallpaper
teknoel desktops - Superb wallapers.

Tribalcog Travel Wallpaper

VladStudio - Very creative and beautiful ideas.
WallpaperStock - Wide selection of images in lots of categories.
Wallpapr - Enter a search term and choose how many options you want to see. Drawn from the Flickr database, which contains so many gorgeous images.
Zen Wallpaper