Blue brainHello to the handful of my friends who are likely to read this blog anytime soon. After several ill-considered attempts to launch topical blogs which I never had time to keep up with in the first place, I’m pleased to be back online with a newly-refined vision for why I blog: To share stuff I’m interested in or excited about. Doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? I can’t promise to break any news. While I tend to be an early adopter…I’m not often a first adopter…just because I don’t have enough time to keep up on what’s really important in the midst of the info-overloaded society where we find ourselves these days.

And yet…those of you who know me know that I enjoy sharing stuff. In fact, I can’t shut up about half of them. I have a moderately exciting and fairly interesting life filled with friends, experiences and passions. And yet, I’m pretty picky about things. I tend to be a bit dismissive of the stuff most people get excited about…because I believe we’ve been trained to like what we’re told to like. I have never been that kind of person (well, with the exception of American Idol…but at least I took three seasons to get into it!).

So the vision of my blog is to offer you a general unloading of whatever I find interesting at any given time. It will no doubt involve music, probably some technology, some things about the web and making money online (I’m now in my fourth year of that particular wild ride…) and also, the interesting stuff that my friends are doing. I am endlessly creative and hope to be so until the day I drop dead. I have already done an awful lot of cool things…and I have plans to launch several new ventures in coming months. This will be a good place to keep up on that stuff if it interests you. Thanks for checking out the blog!