logoOK…this is not brand new. This program has been around for about 4 months. But since the blog is, I’m gonna mention it anyway. If you’ve got a web site or blog, you NEED to be using AuctionAds. Allow me to ‘supplain…

AuctionAds is the baby (at least in part) of Jeremy Schoemaker (aka Shoemoney). He’s one of my favorite internet marketing personalities. He’s big-time. I identify with him for many reasons, I suppose…he’s blunt, he’s creative, and he used to be a big fat guy. I have #1 and #2 down pat…still working on #3. He took a bit of a shortcut to #3 himself, he did the stomach-band deal (not to belittle that in any way. I have the gut, but not the guts…and you still have to relearn how to eat even if you go that route).

Anyway, he and whoever he was working with wanted to create the ideal affiliate setup. Another dead-simple program like AdSense. And I believe he’s done it. He basically leverages the power of eBay for your site. You drop in a little code…tell it what types of products you want to see…pick the colors, etc…and it’s done. Not only that, whereas most products have affiliate progams that you have to sign up for separately…this one is built in. If someone clicks on “Ads by AuctionAds” on your site and goes to sign up, you make a cut on every sale made thru the ads on THEIR site for the next 6 months. That’s pretty stinkin’ sweet!

I have been very busy lately, so I have done AuctionAds even dumber than the dead-simple approach they give you. I have just thrown in…I don’t remember…digital cameras and digital camcorders, or something like that…and just let the ads run. I made no real effort to match them to my site visitors. And, in the month of June…just sitting there, not in any great position on the page or anything…I’ve made many tens of dollars (that sounds bigger than 70 bucks, right?)

How good is this program? I heard Jeremy say recently that they were hoping for maybe a thousand affiliates by the end of the first month. I think they had…I don’t remember…7000? Anyway, this was a few weeks back and he was at 17K by that point…and must be well over 20K members by now. He also mentioned that it’s not uncommon to see a few commissions a day in the $500 range paid out on large-ticket items. So choose wisely which types of products you believe might best connect with your site visitors. And, take the time to experiment with it. Sounds like it might be worth the time, eh?

I do have small gripes. Their site is poorly laid out…it’s not intuitive. You can always tell when a site has been designed by someone who is overly familiar with the project. They don’t consider which things should be grouped together or how they should be labeled or how the eyes may track or the thoughts may flow. They have a-ways to go there. But, this is not a program to be missed. So…IGNORE all those stupid radio commercials about how people are making bazillions of dollars on eBay and you can, too…if you send them a couple hundred bucks. Instead, just click here to sign up for AuctionAds, throw up the code on your site and make some money (without a penny invested on your end)! 😉