Foocamp photo funThis looks like a really fun time. A bunch of folks went to something called Foocamp, and had a bunch of fun shooting pictures in the dark with an extended exposure.

This was obviously a cooperative effort, because the person would have to have stayed completely still in order to keep the images this sharp…so others were doing the lighting stuff. But there are some really interesting effects here.

Now go watch the slideshow. Takes about 5 minutes. And, admit it….as you watch… you wish you were there, too (I know I did). There’s more info on this stuff at’ve never been a big Flickr user. More a matter of time than anything else. But I ran across this earlier today and was really impressed. Talk about a slice-of-life! Just random photos from people’s lives around the world as they are being posted.

Yes, it would be nice if the map scrolling could happen a little quicker, etc. But it’s really fun to sit and watch!