Street-Buzz.comI’ve been working on a concept for a new site for some time, and was finally able to get it launched today. is a new publishing site for helpful informative articles…allowing authors of various stripes to take their content to wider audiences. There are many great publishing sites out there already, of course…,, and are among the very best. Each of them has its particular strengths…and from the author’s point of view, I suppose each also has things that would be considered hurdles or weaknesses. Street-Buzz won’t be “perfect”, either…but I have some things in mind for it now, and other features will be added along the way.

Here are some of the things in place now that I consider benefits:

1. The site looks pretty good, if I say so myself. <grin> I actually think this matters. More credibility is given to a site that looks to be well-done. And that reflects on the perception of quality initially fronted to the articles themselves. It’s up to the authors (and to the human editors who decide what actually ends up on the site) to make sure that standard is upheld. And all articles will be subject to human review before approval.

2. However, my intent for the site is to be slightly more flexible in terms of approval standards. As an author, I’ve found it frustrating to be stuck in an “approval loop” because there was one-too-many links embedded in my submitted articles, resulting in a week-long delay in getting my articles posted. While it’s very important to have standards, I want to make sure that bottlenecks like this are rare.

3. And finally (for now), I do believe that author content is the anchor upon which a great article site is built. Just as I am opposed to email spam, web spam, blog comment spam and the like…I am also strongly opposed to article spam (which I define as the current trend of submitting the same basic article to between 50 and 500 article publishing sites). Spam is BAD in all its forms. And any system that exists on numbers instead of value and uniqueness simply WILL be abused by those who haven’t really considered the potential consquences of their actions, or…those who don’t really have any value to offer in the first place. I can’t play policeman. Wouldn’t want to if I could. I won’t know if you’ve submitted the same article to a hundred other sites. However, I can do two things: First, I can inform you that Google’s “duplicate content” penalty makes your material of limited-to-no-value in terms of inbound links back to your site when it’s submitted to too many places. And thus, I encourage you to stick with a limited number of article sites (unless you’re writing new articles for each one). AND, I can encourage you to send me some of your better-quality work by incentivizing it, in this way: When you sign up as an author on Street-Buzz, you’re invited to put in your AdSense publisher ID. If you do so, you stand to make a healthy cut of the profits earned from clicks on the pages where your articles appear. Bottom line for you? Potential for a long-term trickle of income.

So, visit If you’re interested in writing articles on any number of topics, dive right in!

  • Your author credit (including a link back to your site) will appear on each page where your article appears
  • You can put a picture of your pretty face (or a caricature of your not-so-pretty face) on there as well
  • And if you write compelling content, you stand to reach an audience which will grow
  • You stand to earn traffic to your site from your author links
  • You stand to benefit in the search engines from the inbound links to your sites
  • And, yes…you stand to earn a little bit of money from visitors to your article pages over time

Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? I hope it sounds like it’s worth submitting something special instead of a sloppy article cobbled from scraped content designed for a bunch of article sites. Doing it the right way is a matter of quality…not a game of numbers. So use this opportunity to build something of value that benefits everyone involved!