Here are a couple things I’ve run across recently that you might enjoy:

Freaky swimming pool display at Japanese art museumThose crazy Japanese are “at it” again. No, I’ve never been to Japan… but I think I saw the movie. What a seemingly fascinating culture! And now, from the 21st Century Museum of Art at Kanazawa, enjoy their swimming pool art display. While this would last for about 4 days in America (too many idiots trying to dive thru the glass, and then suing for breaking their necks), it appears to be a popular attraction in the museum.

Oddly enough, the artist (Leandro Erlich) is Argentine, rather than Japanese. But I think he nailed their sensibility with this one. Of him, the BBC says: His large scale sculptures and installations create a world of trickery and illusion: doors cannot be opened, peepholes reveal the unexpected and mirrors do not reflect. Erlich makes art which challenges our idea of reality. He is interested in what we see, the spaces we occupy and the contexts we find ourselves in everyday. He constructs installations or complete physical worlds which the viewer enters.

You can see more pictures here, and you can get a better feel for it in this short video:

Concept drawings for the rotating DaVinci Towers Dubai

Elsewhere in the world, developers are spending that oil money to create a world-class set of attractions in Dubai for the jet set. I missed the initial announcement of this back in April, but it’s certainly worth note: The Da Vinci Towers Dubai¬†brings new meaning to the term “ambitious project”. Outside the central core of this tower there are suites of rooms which will rotate, offering an ever-changing view.

Not only that, but power will be supplied by wind turbines between the floors and solar panels. Quite impressive…if they can keep the sound levels contained somehow. And even with only moderate winds, typical for the area, they are predicting that they’ll generate enough power for their own building, as well as several others of the same size.

If I’m reading the page right, you may actually be able to drive up to your room. Hmmm…

These pictures are beautiful. Do you find it at all sad that my first thought is that this would make a great location for the shooting of Die Hard 5: McClane Does Dubai? Maybe Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford can team up for this one…walker and wheelchair races might even be worth watching against that backdrop.

I doubt that your average person will be able to afford to holiday there…but at least we might be able to go stand outside and watch for awhile!