Idea light bulbI suppose much of what I say about the blogging/web status quo could be construed as negative. I don’t really see it that way. Rather than just saying something “sucks”, I’m usually suggesting that it could be much better with just a little creative thinking and some standards (i.e., a personal stance not to participate if a project doesn’t isn’t unique and isn’t a legitimate attempt to add value to the customer/visitor experience). And, if it can’t be improved, maybe it should be abandoned altogether in favor of something for which there is a a real need…an itch that’s not being scratched.

Because I tend to fall into the “idea guy” category…and because life is too short, and there are too many other pressing matters…I periodically have to assess where my priorities lie. And it’s at those times that I will often drop an idea or two that I initially believed in, but just didn’t have time to execute.

I say all that as a lead-in to this: I’m selling some domain names.

But, for the most part, these domains were purchased (and sometimes used) as a base for a site concept.

Since I’m not going to be pursuing these ideas after all, if you’re interested….you’re welcome to the domain name for the price listed…as well as the idea behind it. You’re still just buying the name. I’m simply throwing in the extra info for what it’s worth (possibly not much…maybe you’ll go an entirely different direction with it). And keep in mind…I’ve had some of these for awhile. There may already be other sites out there by now that are addressing these needs. I’m just sharing my thoughts as they were at the time I bought the names.

I’ll just skim over a few of them here:

[$49] – There are tons of font sites out there ( being my current favorite). But there wasn’t a good “guide to font sites”…so my intent had been to do a niche directory with a quick info blurb on all the font sites (plus rating and other added-value features). And, as with most resource directories…once the initial work is in place, they tend to run themselves…as additional/new sites in the genre will come and add themselves in order to get themselves noticed.

[$149] – You have to admit…it’s a pretty stinkin’ creative name…especially considering my intended subject matter. Originally set up with this script, but I just ran out of time to build links and invest in it. I believe it’s still a great concept, though.

[$49] – I was intending to go with a photo posting/rating script (a la Hot or Not) and seed it with photos of cool custom license plates that I grab while driving around. I believe this could be a popular concept. Most custom plate folks are pretty proud of their creations, and I’m sure would enjoy showing them off to a worldwide audience. And of course, as each state has unique plates…the site would likely be frequented by those who want to “go custom”, but who are searching for good ideas.

[$69] – As someone who’s written a lot of music, I had intended to convert a bunch of my stuff to ringtones and offer them for free…monetizing the site in other ways. I don’t have time to do it anymore…but for someone creative and who has legitimate access to their own music or sound effects, there might be an angle here worth pursuing.

[$99] – Nice for selling vitamins and nutritional supplements. Quick setup for a free affiliate store with this script.

More available names (and ideas) can be found at Premium Domain Names for Sale. Get ’em while they’re hot! 😉