Okay…I know…I’m usually the last one to know about these things. So this probably isn’t BREAKING NEWS to anyone (not that that would stop Rita Cosby from using that sound effect of hers!). But someone has finally created a plugin that does what I’ve been saying was needed for the last couple years.

You can use your actual name AND your anchor text as well when commenting on a blog. The plugin is called KeywordLuv and it’s actually in use on this site now!

What that means is this: When you are ready to comment, enter Your Name@Your Anchor Text in the Name field of the comment form. Then, fill out the rest of the form (email and URL) as usual. Then, when your comment is approved (assuming you’ve said something of value and not just “great post, Chuck…you’re a freakin’ genius!!”…it will read this way: Your Name from Your Anchor Text says:…followed by the comment.

THIS is sweet. And it’s SO much better for community. It gives back to the commenter without restricting communication because we have to call the commenter “Nasal Sneeze Powder”.

Kudos to Stephen Cronin (who is currently living in China, of all places!) for coming up with this!