There was a series of DVDs called Noodlebug that was created a few years back, designed for young children (ages 2 and up). It incorporated music, movement, animation and live video to teach kids about healthy brains, bodies, activities, animals, bugs and more.

I did the music for the entire series of DVDs…and in addition to the DVDs themselves, the music from each volume is broken out on a separate music CD within each package…so it was a pretty nice value to begin with. My 3-year-old grandson has been telling me lately that he prefers Noodlebug to The Wiggles, so I decided to buy him a set to keep at home rather than loaning him my copies. I went to the publisher’s web site, and was amazed to find that they had been discounted to $2.49 each! So I bought all 6 of the volumes they had for sale, and even with shipping, the whole purchase was under 19 bucks…for SIX DVDs!

So if you have a young kid that you care about, you might want to consider it as a very affordable gift! Here’s a nice video sample, so you can see that the quality is rock-solid. These were originally $15-20 apiece, I think…so these drastic discounts indicate that the products are being cut out of active stock from the existing publisher, and won’t be available long.

Here’s the link to the product page: Noodlebug