I simply had no time today. I haven’t stopped to eat except once for 10 minutes…and I still have quite a bit of work to deliver before tomorrow morning.

1. QuestBar – Had this for breakfast and dinner today. This is the BEST FRIEND someone on a weight-reduction plan ever had!

Tasty…chewy (but softer when sitting in your shirt pocket for a few minutes…or some folks like them after 10-15 seconds in the microwave)…230 calories…and FOUR net carbs (the induction level for low-carb dieting is 20mg of carbs per day…not a problem here!). No hunger for at least FIVE HOURS after eating (that’s been MY experience, anyway…consistently!). Plenty of fat makes your hunger disappear. Lots of protein makes for stable blood sugar…thus, no hunger and continued mental sharpness even without a large carb/caloric influx.

And, just look at these ingredients: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate), Chicory Root Fiber, Almond Butter, Dry Roasted Almonds, Water, Natural Flavors, Sea Salt, Lo Han Guo, Sucralose. Sounds like REAL FOOD to me!

Just got 3 boxes delivered yesteday (they are about $2 apiece and can only be ordered online). This makes eating less, and still getting your nutrition in SO much easier. I eat these and I’m just not hungry.

Whatever diet you’re on…or if you’re not on a diet at all…there are times you wish you could JUST NOT BE HUNGRY. This is the best, quickest, cheapest answer I’ve ever found for that.

And…when I have time or I’m in the mood for taste or a feeling of fullness, I’ll have some “traditional” food (you know…the stuff you use knives and forks and spoons with!). Like this:

2. Today, for lunch…I’d been out running (unexpected) errands and I needed to get back home and get some work knocked out. I will usually get a large Wendy’s chili with cheese and onions when I’m on the road and in a rush. It’s cheap ($2.19 for a large size). Tastes great. All legal foods on the Slow-Carb plan (read about it in The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss), as far as I’ve been able to determine. But, I haven’t had mushrooms for a month, and I was in the mood for some.

For whatever reason, Wendy’s doesn’t have them available to add in on request. But, Tim Horton’s does. In fact…you don’t have to ask. Mushrooms come in the chili as a standard item (oddly, though…they don’t have onions…either included, or as a requested item).

So, I grabbed a large chili ($4.79) from Tim’s and headed home.

Then, I added two spoonfuls of organic sour cream from Raisin Rack…sliced up 3 black olives…mixed it in…and “et” it. I also added a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese on the side…because I love the stuff…and to give a nice cold-temperature contrast with the warm chili. Tasty!

And…there’s a reason that Tim’s charges $4.79 for their large size. I got a two-thirds of the way through it, and was full. So I’ve got enough left for another meal, with one or two sides.

I prefer Wendy’s chili. It’s the best-tasting fast-food chili I’ve ever had. But Tim Hortons’ chili (which is just a little milder and doesn’t strike me as quite as flavorful) is perfectly fine as second option.

Now, I KNOW…it SEEMS like there’s something wrong with building your diet around fat and protein, and just added in vegetables for taste and texture. It’s the OPPOSITE of what we’re taught. And..who knows? Maybe the USDA is right. But…from all I’ve read and listened to over the past 4 months…that’s just not the case.

But…my doctor called me today. I last saw her 2 weeks (and about 13 pounds) ago. Since I’m not scheduled for a visit for another month…I told her how much more I’ve lost, and asked if I she thought maybe I should come in for a blood draw just to be safe. She said that was a great idea… and that way, they can document the weight loss there and grab my vitals as well. My goal is to double-check about the levels of meds I’m currently taking. It’s been almost two weeks since we had to cut my blood pressure meds in half…and I have dropped completely off the antidepressants I was taking for about 3 months before that.

I would love to reduce or even eliminate any medicines I don’t need whenever it becomes apparent that I don’t need them anymore. Certain kinds of meds are known to interfere with weight loss…because they affect your body’s metabolism (blood pressure meds definitely fall into this category) and there are a lot of folks who feel that statins do as well (cholesterol level control meds…which I’ve been taking for about a year). I have slowly been trimming back my non-prescription supplements over the last couple weeks (finishing them up, but just not buying new ones)…but I’m not dumb enough to “go boldly” into unsafe areas like messing with prescription meds on my own. So…maybe Monday or Tuesday, I’ll have some objective feedback…AND I’ll know for sure if my cholesterol is much higher…cuz of all this fat and protein I’m eating. Or, if I am healthier across the board…which is more along the lines of my expectations. It will be very interesting to find out!