About Me

My name is Chuck Brown. I have lived all but a couple years of my life in Central Ohio. I make my living primarily as a voiceover talent (radio & TV commercials, training, corporate image, web audio, telephony, computer game audio, audio books, etc). I also dabble in music. I have 3 solo piano albums available, one with my original songs for children and a Christian pop album that I helped produce and for which I wrote half the songs. Some of my songs have even been recorded by others. Finally, I enjoy developing web sites. I have maybe 30 sites now relating to various topics that interest me.

I am married with two kids, both grown…and a grandson. I have a very full life filled with whatever our lives are full of…lots of good, some stressful. I love creativity and sharing the things about which I’m passionate with others. I appreciate your visit to my blog. Feel free to leave a comment, or if you really need to contact me quickly, you can find my contact info on this page.