Looking For A Good Movie On Netflix?

netflix-best-movies-300Whether you watch Netflix on a mobile device, a smart TV or a streaming device like a Roku, Amazon FireStick or Google Chromecast, we all need to find great stuff to watch. Each of these tools has it’s own style and list of features for finding movies that others have really enjoyed. It’s worth checking them all out at least once or twice, because you’ll probably find one or two that appeal more to your personal style.


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FlixList – An excellent browse/search tool, allowing you to select which category interests you…and then to use sliders to adjust your tolerances and preferences in certain areas. Very helpful!

Flicksurfer – Another fine tool that allows several sorting options…by category, by rating on IMDB, by Netflix rating, etc.

InstantWatcher – This site pulls together a nice variety of helpful resources, and for that reason, it’s proven to be very popular. On the front page, you’ll find the most popular titles on Netflix in the last 24 hours…so, when something is trending, you’ll know. It lets you know about newly-available releases, accompanied by the names of the stars, it’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a link to a New York Times review (if one exists). You can also see what other folks have added to their watchlists in the last 2 minutes, and the names of actors that others have searched for…and that’s all just on the front page. There’s lots more to discover on other pages of the site. Plan to spend some time here. In addition to their Netflix recommendations, they also have the same tool available for Amazon Prime.

JustWatch – Sort by movies only, TV shows only, or both. Then, factor in Release Year, Genre, popularity on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB and more.

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The following lists may be generated by individuals, small groups of folks or crowdsourced, as in the case of Reddit. Sometimes you’ll find gems here that you wouldn’t come across using the other tools. Here are a few we found of particular interest. Some are updated periodically, some quite frequently.

A Good Movie To Watch – Here’s a list of a couple dozen movies that these folks are betting you haven’t seen yet, as well as why they think you’ll like them.

Collider – The staff picks the best movies available on Netfix at any given time. Included are some brief credits, as well as a short synopsis of the plot. Inexplicably, they provide no link to the movie itself. But this is still an excellent, fresh resource.

Complex – Same concept as above. These are current staff picks available right now on Netflix. Nice selection.

Gotcha Movies – Overall recommendations, including must-watch films, and new stuff, plus stuff listed by month. Then, specific recommendations within genres as well.

Reddit – NetflixBestOf – Just a great place for individuals to speak up in support of something that caught their fancy. New stuff is being shared here constantly, so if something is interesting, make a note of it. You probably won’t be able to easily find the same listing later.

Paste Magazine – The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Instant – You can tell a lot of effort went into putting this together before it was published in March 2013. Each film lists the year of release and director’s name…along with a healthy paragraph of review. Also note the links at the beginning for recommendations within genres.

Digital Trends – Best Netflix Instant Movies – A nice set of genre-specific recommendations, with a couple sentences each of why they considered the film a standout.