Once upon a time…shortly after I graduated from high school…there was a guy who, along with his band The Soul Searchers, had a radio hit called “Bustin’ Loose”. And this gentleman, who continued to be a popular bandleader in the Washington DC area for at least the next 25 years, was named Chuck Brown. He is affectionately known to his fan as “The Godfather of Go-Go”.


Meanwhile, there was me…who, never having heard of the aforementioned Chuck Brown, didn’t have the foresight to legally change my name before releasing my first album.


Now…while I am forced to admit that we do look alike…I find it a bit hard to understand why the folks who create content for certain internet music information services can’t tell that we are not the same person. The result of this confusion has led to my face, web site and partial album list being posted on sites as prominent as MTV and VH-1…intermingled with The Godfather’s bio, news articles and album list. I mean, the chances of me ever even showing up on either of those sites was pretty unlikely in the first place. But, if they were going to include me…

I have attempted to contact the people who made the mistake in order to get it corrected. But after being roundly ignored, I am forced to laugh a bit. And then, a bit more.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of his music, but I’m sure he’s very good. Great name, for sure. And, he made an album some years back with one of the finest voices of our generation, Eva Cassidy. But, if you have ended up at my site while searching for Chuck Brown, “The Godfather of Go-Go”…he and I are NOT the same person. you’ll find his site here.

NOTE: Eventually, the powers-that-be discovered and correct the errors, but this still makes me chuckle. 😉

update (8/06): I stumbled across a link to a YouTube performance of Bustin’ Loose. Not my style…but the groove is fun, and I do love the horns!)
update (11/07): both the MTV and VH-1 sites have been updated somewhat now…and they fixed some of the problems…but still can’t tell us apart (sigh)
update (5/16/12): heard the news today that Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go, has passed away. RIP, Chuck.

And…here’s another case of mistaken identity!