Videos Of Songs I Really Love

Yes, I happen to be a songwriter and recording artist myself…and if you have any interest in that, you can visit my music site at But I am also a HUGE fan of great songs…especially songwriting, and often of performances (both vocal, instrumental and combined). So, I decided to set aside a page where I could share the videos of songs I’ve loved over the years that I’ve come across on YouTube. I hope you find this little journey enjoyable! 😉



Crush – Dave Matthews Band
Slinky and sexy, this jazzy piece is the only song of Dave’s that has ever really connected with me. This one is a killer, though!

Day In May – JR Byrd
Is there such a thing as a GREAT song for Mother’s Day? I have to confess…yes! This Texas-based singer-songwriter tears it up on this song he wrote for mom. I love his wit and musicality!




That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be – Carly Simon
I have a powerful memory associated with this song, as a mid-teens kid flying into Port Columbus (OH) at night in probably 72 or 73. Carly’s voice is kind of fragile here, and she didn’t write the song (I heard that she actually doesn’t lack it much), but it was a very affecting lyric and performance. And, of course, she was an incredible knockout. 😉

County Down – Phil Keaggy
One of my favorite instrumental pieces ever, performed by the incredibly-gifted Phil Keaggy. Watch and be amazing at this incredible fingerstyle performance by a guy with 9 1/2 fingers. The album version is even more beautiful, but this solo recording still deserves to be seen.

Hotel California – Eagles
Great video from not long after the album was released. Henley’s voice suits this song beautifully. Felder and Walsh’s guitar dual leads are the perfect capper. I know some people have tired of this song, but I don’t think that will ever happen for me.

Somebody To Love – Queen
What can you say about Queen? Freddie Mercury’s incredible voice…the great hooks…the balls to just “go fer it” on track after track. I’m glad they made their musical mark. Fun song, but with a real touch of elegance as well.

Sweet Freedom – Michael McDonald
Love the groove, the hook, and Michael’s amazing voice. He’s only 33 in this video and his hair was already heavily gone silver. Fun video tie-in with the Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines.

Drops Of Jupiter – Train
Even after reading Pat’s explanations about the meaning of the lyrics…honestly, I still have no clue. But I just LOVE the way this song weaves together, and breaks all kinds of normal boundaries.

Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones
From nearly the first time I heard this one, I was saying, “Folks will still be listening to this one a hundred years from now.” Just perfection songwriting-wise. And Norah’s sweet and affecting voice completely sell it. Love this.

I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt
As I have long been known to say, Bonnie is that one female vocalist to whom I can listen for hours and never grow weary. Her perfect blend of smoothness and rasp are simply intoxicating. And the song? Perfect. Co-written, btw, by Mike Reid, formerly a player for the Cincinnati Bengals!

All Right Now – Free
Just some basic good ol’ rock’n’roll, featuring the exceptional voice of Paul Rodgers…in my estimation, one of the top vocalists of the rock era.

American Tune – Paul Simon
I enjoy the extra punch that the studio version supplies, but this solo acoustic version is so raw and beautiful…and it provides clear evidence that Paul was without question one of the world’s most gifted and well-crafted songwriters in the latter half of the past century. Just superb.

Allentown – Billy Joel
Billy shows once again why he is a master of story songs. This works lyrically, musically and every other way.

Live in L.A. – Rippingtons
For my dime, one of the best bands ever in terms of musical talent and performance energy. The album that came from this is in my All-Time Top 50, period. Russ Freeman is an incredible guitarist, and the compositions here are flawless. Probably the highlight for me is Dream Of The Sirens, but I wouldn’t want to lose anything. I wish the band had been able to stay this creative for the long run, but I’m really glad that everything coalesced at one point to produce this level of greatness!

Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
I had admired Bob as a vocalist from back in the day with his band Allies. His vocal power is stunning! But he and Randy Thomas are also a really exceptional songwriting team, and this is the most well-known of those songs…and it’s a real beaut. When I was putting together the video for my daughter’s wedding reception, I keep tearing up over and over listening to this…especially the line, “With all that I’ve done wrong, I musta done something right.” Just gorgeous…and true!


In many cases, there are live videos available of these songs, but they just don’t sound as good as the album cuts. So we’ll go with the better version here.

Let Everything Else Go – Phil Keaggy
Incredibly beautiful song of devotion.

MacArthur Park – Jimmy Webb
There are a lot of versions out there, spanning back some 50 years: Richard Harris, Donna Summer and many more. But I’ve heard pretty much all of them, and they just don’t hold a candle to this 2014 recording by Jimmy (who wrote the song, btw). Incredibly backing vocals by THE Brian Wilson, and a stunning dobro solo by Jerry Douglas. I never grow weary of hearing this one.

Until You Come Back To me – Aretha Franklin
I can’t even find the words to describe how much I love this incredible Stevie Wonder song, and how The Queen of Soul breathed her life into it. SO incredible!

Superwoman – Stevie Wonder
I’m not sure the world has ever seen a greater musical mind than Stevie’s. He has it all, and does it all. The album containing this song was released when he was 21. He wrote the song and played all the instruments. Oh, need I remind you? The man is BLIND.

County Down – Phil Keaggy (album version)
For those who might have seen the live video performance above, this is the whole enchilada. A gorgeous supporting arrangement. Stunningly beautiful.

Aja – Steely Dan
Truly one of the most unique experiments in all of music. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker wrote all the songs, and Fagen (a barely-passable vocalist by my reckoning) carried nearly all the lead vocal responsibilities. Still, the magic they made, working with the world’s very best studio players, is unsurpassed in its creativity and excellence. This is maybe their most aurally complex songs. There is so much going on here that it’s best to just sit back and let it all sink in. Ecstasy.

Dirty Work – Steely Dan
One of only a handful of the Dan’s songs on which Donald Fagen did not sing lead. I really love David Palmer’s voice on this one. Kind of fragile and pure. Great melody and arrangement.

I Know You By Heart – Eva Cassidy
I’ll always be grateful to Ellen Burt for sharing this incredible song with me. I knew of Eva, but hadn’t heard this one before, and was utterly charmed from the first hearing.